R200 EOL vs R190V

Hi Guys

I noticed the R200 is now end of life and we have started ordering the R190V however I dont see the R190V on the cambium website - only the R190W which doesnt have the voice port. 

Can anyone confirm this is just an oversight or is the R190V going to be in limited supply too?

Hi Ray,

The R190V is ready and shall be available shortly. This is our latest ATA offerring in 2.4GHz and is not a limited supply product in any way. 



Hi: The R190V is very much present. However, our web page could use some clarity. Thanks for brining this up. We will work on making it clear, regarding the 3 product lines we carry for our home:

R190W: cnMaestro managed Wi-Fi router only 

R190V: cnMaestro managed Wi-Fi router + ATA

R200P: cnMaestro managed 2.4 GHz only router with Canopy PoE out

R201: cnMaestro managed, 802.11ac router with ATA

R201P: cnMaestro managed, 802.11ac router with ATA and Canopy PoE out

We bought a good number of these routers, they've been out for what 1year? Where can I find more information about why the EOL?

Aside from the lower tx power (possible gui bug) of the R190V I quite like them over the R200. The reason being the transformer brick that comes with the R200 has no wall mounting option.   

Tx power( Max 14dBm,   the config parameter  in GUI) and Effective the  Isotropic Radiated Power( 20dBm) of  r200 and r190  are equal but r190  has new hardware/chipset.



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Will the 190 be getting a power out option?


R190 PoE out option is not part of our roadmap.



Hi All,

r200P(PoE out model) is not part EOL r200 device. Just the Non-PoE-Out models of r200 are part EOL.