R200 Firmware Update - Access Problem

We have many R200 & R190 series routers deployed at various customer location around the nation. Some are on our local LAN and some are on the public Internet.

On each and every one of these, we have the unit set up to access the router via the WAN interface via HTTP. We turn off the HTTP access on purpose.

Can someone at Cambium please explain to me why when we do an update from an previous edition of firmware to another version *In our case - Version 4.57), the firmware update is not smart enough to leave the settings alone.

Even though we have each unit accessible via HTTP on the WAN interface, after the update, the firmware turns the WAN access back to HTTPS.

In addition, the update turns the WAN interface off so that we can no longer access the unit remotely!

This make absolutely no sense and causes us to have to make a truck roll to reset the WAN interface settings in the router after the update to allow us to remotely get into the routers.

You shouldn’t run http on your admin interfaces. Use https at a minimum.

Even better, create a separate management interface instead of using WAN.

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