R200 Firmware Update

Maestro 1.3.0-r5

R200 Old Firmware 4.2.3-R4

R200 New Firmware 4.3.1-R1

I know the 4.3 Firmware needs to be updated twice. After the first firmware upgrade, the login screen will tell you to re-apply the firmware.

When I set up a firmware update job from Maestro and start immediately, it fails with the error "Software upgrade failed due to unknown error." The router does reboot, but I don't get the 'upgrade again' message, and the firmware version shown by the router is still 4.2.3-R4. 


Is my Maestro version simply not able to handle upgrading the units to the 4.3 packacge due to the 2x issue, or is it something else that has been fixed in a later version of Maestro?



cnMaestro version 1.4.0-r11 supports it. And yesterday we released 1.5.0 which can be applied on top of OVA 1.4.0-r11 only.

I've upgraded to 1.5.0-r12 and now I get a different error message.


Can you try rebooting the unit, and leave it on-boarded for 10-15 minutes and then initiate the upgrade job from cnMaestro.

It seems that the cnMaestro connection was interrupted during initiation of the upgrade and so upgrade was not performed at all.