R200P auto channel select issues

Hi, I was wondering if anyone was an issue where the channel for the 2.4 wifi was set to auto. For several of our pilots we were having these slow downs which had tons of latency, and extremely drop off in speeds. Our solution for several indivisual cases was to set a static channel vs the default auto.

The results would be to go from a 2-3 mbps down 20 up woth 70+ms ping times to 20+ down and 20+ up with 2-6ms pings. I'm just cuious if anyone else is experiencing this.

Hi ,

What is the Firmware version you are using ? ping traffic is destined to R200 IP address ?

we have not expereineced such problem .

Hi, I’m using 4.2.3 and the speed test is a local test for us right at our backbone. It’s one purchased from Ookla but great since its local and not speedtest.net servers. As for pings it depends on static channels very very low ms and no loss. When on auto channels we get 60-90ms and about 1-2%loss. I had a support ticket opened for other issues and the Camboum team was great in supporting me and I think I’ll open a new one to brig this to their attention but I was curious if anyone else was experiencing this.