R200P not detecting all dialed digits on an outbound call.

I have an R200P sitting here on the bench running 4.3.3-R4. I am trying to get it to work with our VoIP service but I am having a lot of issues with the R200P not detecting all the digits when I place an outbound call. It doesn't seem to matter how fast or slow I dial, 25-30 percent of the calls are failing and looking at the Syslog the calls that fail are missing dialed digits. I've tried a few different phones and I don't have this issue with Cisco or Grandstream ATAs so it's either something with the device or the config. I haven't tinkered with any of the FXS settings other than what was needed to get the line to register so it could be a setting issue. I'd like to start deploying these since it's an all in one solution but I need a solution for this issue.


Please send configurations  of the r200 and cisco Grandstream ATA,  syslog message of r200  to my email id (niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com).



Files sent