R201 / QOS

i know the router has Qos menu and i was wondering is there a way to put my desktop computer on high priority that way i dont lag in games 


Right now, we are analyzing your requirement.

I will revert back.



alrighty thank you 

User can classily traffic base on source LAN IPs.  After classification  of traffic , user can assign priority and rate limit  on  classified traffic.

Step to configure.

  1. Configure static IP LAN PC or get fixed LAN PC IP using DHCP Static Allotment option.  (  Example IP:
  2. Enable QOS.
  3. Add rule name for QOS identification.
  4. Add the classify  traffic rule based on source LAN IP( LAN Desktop  IP:
  5. Assign Priority to classified traffic [VO(Highest) ->> CL(High)->> BE(Default)->> BK-(Low)]
  6. Configure rate limit as per usage.(This bandwidth is shared  with other low priority queues/traffic  if there is no or less traffic than assigned rate limit).

Please let me  know if you have any queries.



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