R201p - qos

We have need to turn on QOS on several of our R201P and R200 routers to have the router give the HIGHEST priority for several WAN to LAN TCP and UDP streams.

I am not referring to QOS for SIP. We do not turn on SIP on any of these routers.

In the latest R201P firmware, when selecting Network, then QOS, it gives the programmer options for setting QOS parameters.

Are the QOS settings on this page for the purpose which we need them for?


This setting is used for prioritizing the traffic streams.

Network > QoS > QoS Bandwidth setting > Enable
Network > QoS > QOS Rules Setting

  • Add a QoS rule to classify TCP/UDP traffic streams and assign Priority to classified traffic
  • VO(Highest) ->> CL(High)->> BE(Default)->> BK-(Low)

Note: But this option to set priority is not available on R201P

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Someone in UPPER Cambium Engineering needs to look at Ticket [#298617] that I submitted about this problem.

As I mentioned in my multiple comments and replies to this ticket, Correct and Accurate Information needs to published on this forum (and preferably elsewhere) about if WMM Priority works on the Lan Ports on the various models of CnPilot Routers.