R201P Range

I have a 2000 sf home.  What is the average expected range for the R201P.  We tried it in one bedroom and 60' away I was getting just one bar.  It's a older woodframe home, no firewalls, nothing fancy at all just a ranch house.

We've done testing as well, and the R200 and R201 is only good for a 1500sq foot or smaller home (wood/drywall construction), single story, when the unit is placed in a central location. Anything exotic, or bigger will need an E400 or E500.

Wow thats 20 metres - in my small house thats 3 bedrooms away. Most routers dont go through more than 2 or 3 walls.

You might need to look into using a second router or powerline wifi extender.

A bigger router doesnt usually work because with higher power transmit, the laptop probably doesnt have enough transmit strength to send a signal back.

I have R201 at home(4 bedrooms, 2 story) and it works fine.

1.- try to relocate the router, to the center of the house, or more close to the area you want to cover.

2.- try higher location, no obstructions