R201P WLAN config

How can I use cnMaestro to configure wlan to include the last 6 of the MAC address to the wireless broadcast name? cnpilot_2.4_(last6 of MAC)

Hi Elijah,

There is method to automatically use the full MAC address of a device in its configuration but not just the last 6 characters. This can be accomplished using macros either via AP Groups (full configuration) or templates (partial configuration).

This knowledge base article goes over the steps for setting this up using AP Groups.

This can be done using a configuration template if you don’t want to update the full configuration of your AP. Templates are created under Configuration > Templates in the left hand menu. Click add template, select cnPilot Home as the type, enter a template name and enter the configuration in the bottom text box.

The below configuration would set the 2.4 GHz SSID to cnpilot_2.4_{full MAC address}:


The %{ESN} macro will automatically be replaced with the device’s full MAC address in the configuration template before being sent to a device. The other available macro is %{MSN} for using device serial numbers.

The linked article explains how other configuration text can be set up by exporting configuration files from a test device. It also goes over using replacement variables to give unique per-device values with a single AP Group’s Advanced Configuration section. The same method is used for configuration Templates.

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Thank you for the reply. I was able to setup a profile override and I can just past in the last of the MAC address. The full MAC makes the name too long. Thanks again!

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I wish they would simply tell us the mechanism used for the factory default config to do exactly this with the default ESSID. I know there isnt a guy sitting at the cambium factory logging into each device as root and editing the default config file. Maybe there is.