R201W, Able to keep consistent ping but can see device is going up down up down

So… Trying to figure out why R201W appears to be going on off on off on off… One thing I have noticed in the routers sys logs is “[device-agent] running error !”

Can somebody shed some light on this please!

Hi ,

If ping is consistent , why do you think device is going up and down ?
Can you send below indormation to my mail id nileshkumar.singh@cambiumnetworks.com ?

  1. Syslog from device.
  2. Configuration file .
  3. if possible topology of setup (how its connected through WAN).


Good Morning Nilesh,

While monitoring device in cnMaestro the icon to show its status does not remain stable. Everybody else does however this certain person is consistently, red green red green, however no cabling issue or power issue.

Kind Regards,

I will gather information as required and send through in an email.

I’ve the same issue with some devices, Did you get any response by any chance? Thanks

Hi @Ignacio_Ocampo_Milla,

It would be helpful if you could provide details about the device. Please provide the firmware version and the type of device that you are using.