Radiation pattern PMP100


I am looking for the radiation patterns of the antenna PMP 100 2,4GHZ model T60-2450SMDD with reflector 27RDD. I know that this equipment is old, but it is used by the customer. Representatives in Russia unfortunately did not give any information.

Does anybody knows where I can download this information?? at least just a picture

I would really appreciate if someone helps

Great support ... 

I sense a bit of sarcasm here.

You asked yesterday about a product that was End of Life several years ago. I searched our archives and could not find the pattern data, nor any graph of the pattern of that exact product combination.

The gain of the PMP 100 2.4 GHz product was 8 dBi. Using the 27RDD, you add about 12-13 dBi, for a total max gain of around 21 dBi.

The pattern that I do have is for the 2.4 GHz PMP 450 (which uses a patch antenna with similar gain and pattern as the PMP 100) paired with the KP Performance reflector (which is nearly identical in performance to the very old 27RDD). It is a fair representation of what the PMP 100 + 27RDD is doing...

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Oh, there was a lot of sarcasm

Also tell me, for PTM450 files with antenna patterns exist, there may be a different format msi, xls?
I didn’t find such information on this link https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp450/

if there is no such information, you can see H-pol.

Great support, spasibo! ))

Here is the H-pol pattern... regarding other formats, I have also attached an excel data file we have (which has normalized x (vertical) and y (horizontal) data). Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot!