Radio Discovery tool

When we end up having multiple radios from different subnets, including new ones, that get mixed up, it sure would be nice to have a simple discovery tool like Ubquiti has. We can use an IP scanner, of course, but then we have to scan each subnet for each radio and that is time consuming. Please .. a simple discovery tool would save a lot of time.

Can't you already do this via the AP session list?

Have you tried inssider? It used to be free, am unsure about the latest version. Go for the Inssider Home version which should still be free.

 Download Link

Is very important a discovery tool !

Please developer it like ubnt

Try using cnMaestro.  This problem will go away because it does not rely on IP address of the device for management.  The additional benefit is that if the device IP addresses changes, the change will be reflected automatically in cnMaestro.