Radio ePMP 1000 GPS Sync is hit by lightning

Recently my epmp radio device has experienced an unusual thing
That was struck by lightning
Causing damage to the epmp radio
When i want to replace with the radio beru
The strange thing is when I want to connect with the antenna suddenly the radio immediately died, but if I move away with the radio antenna lights up

How yes this can happen
I beg for his help
thank you


So is the same radio that was hit by lightning, the one that dies when connected to theĀ antenna? Or is a new replacement radio the one that dies when connected to the antenna?

Even if the radio that was hit by lightning is powering on, there is a high probability that it has been damaged. If it is the new replacement radio that is dying when connected to the antenna, have you tried a different antenna?



Thanks for the response

I use a new radio and die when connected with an antenna
Yes ,, and i have tried to use another antenna
I use ePMP GPS Sync radio with Sectocal antenna
First the new radio I connect with the sectoral antenna that is hit by lightning, the radio dies
And then I test with another antenna that is dish, radio is on