Radio Management VLAN is always 1?

The cnReach User Guide says "vlan 1 is always as the primary access to the radios".

We plan to use different VLANs and Subnets for radio management at different towers.

Is there a way to connect a trunk port with tagging (VLAN port tagging = All) to one of the Ethernet ports such that a vlan other than 1 is used for radio managment? This would be similar to changing the Management VID on PMP450.

What is the impact of setting a VLAN to be the Primary VLAN ID (PVID) on an interface? Is this related to management?




page 42 of the cnReach User Guide is garbled.

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You should be able to create a different vlan (than vlan1) and assign an IP address to that vlan and use that IP address to access the radio.

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