Radio Mobile and 3.65Ghz plots?

Has anyone run coverage plots for 3.65? I’m having trouble getting settings that seem accurate.

i haven’t had any luck ether… the 3.65 works were the map says it wont, the closet i’ve gotten to a semi acurate map was drawing with 750 mhz at 36db erip… i know its not right, but matches the field performance better, its still not right, less than 2 miles it seems close enough to draw a work or don’t work, but its way off on rx power… i guess all of the mimo and ODFM stuff spreads the signals much better :slight_smile:


Anyone had any more luck with this? I still get what I feel confident being as a good plot with Radio Mobile and PMP320 gear.

You might try these guys also. They claim to support tree contouring which isn’t in Radio Mobile. Apparently it’s a special version of Radio Mobile modified with additional features. it’s not free but it might be more accurate.