Radio not calibrated

i have an issue with PMP 450 sm that operating normally for almost two years, then sudenly a message showed " radio not calibrated " , i tried to downgrade to 12.0 and 12.1 software and no changes  i will be very thankful if you tell me what to do , thanks. the software was 14.1.1 .

I believe if you open up a ticket with support they can help you by reloading the factory calibration data on to the SM.

Seth is correct.  Please open a ticket with the Cambium Support team and if the radio is not too old we can recover the original factory calbration settings and apply them to the radio and recover it.

Chuck Hemesath

Director - Customer Support

We seem to be seeing more and more of this.  It requires a truck roll to swap out the SM and an hour of support staff troubleshooting/setting up failed units for CN to 'recalibrate'.  We figure the cost adds up to about $75.00 each instance.

Our support manager guesses that we have seen more than 25 of these. (NOT including the ADI Communication Failure fiasco) Would Cambium be so gracious as to re-imburse us $75.00 each time this happens?  You can look at our support ticket history if you dare.

Is there ANY kind of work around for this?  Could we send our techs out with the tools they need to recalibrate themselves?  At least then they wouldn't have to risk their life climing up a roof every time a CN unit fails.

It must be causing the CN support staff pains as well.

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Yes this is a long standing issue that has haunted us that we have been unable to reproduce. I have put a fix into 15.1.5 that I believe could fix the root cause of the issue. However, without a reliable way to reproduce it I am not 100% sure.

What software version are you running? Would you be willing to try 15.1.5 or later version and let me know if you see it again?

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We are running v15.x

Yes we can upgrade.  Why can't Cambium help us by allowing us to recalibrate these ourselves?  Thanks.

I had a tech from Cambium attempt to reprogram the calibration data for one of our "Radio not calibrated" SMs over a GoToMeeting session. We logged into it with no problem, he uploaded the data, we rebooted it, and waited for the SM to re-register. It never did. I spoke with the subscriber, and had him power-cycle the SM, but it still never registered again. We ended up having to do a truck roll to replace the SM anyway. After that, I would only execute this process with an SM if it was on my desk - and we never had any issue with the others we reloaded the calibration data onto in that way.