Radio PTMP Support 802.11r?

Hi , I want to ask . Does the radio Cambium for Point to Multipoint support fast roaming ? I want to deploy this mode at mining field where the client always move around. So anybody can help me ?

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The short answer is no,

Though, you best option if you’d like to use Cambium Networks for mobility is to use the PMP 450i AP with Nomadic Mode; please see below for some more information on Nomadic mode.

The other alternative is Private LTE, Wireless Mesh and some specialised Wi-Fi technologies; with that said for best return on investment, I firmly believe the PMP 450i could work out quite well.

I’ve got over 10 years’ experience in mining communications and would be happy to help put you in the right direction,

You can reach out to myself on here, or on LinkedIn
James Mifsud | LinkedIn

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