Radio snap-in cover

Will be great to re-design the plastic cover that snaps in to cover the connectors on the ePMP 1000 AP and other radios.

When you are on a top of a tower replacing or installing equipment and is windy, wet and conditions are terrible is almost impossible to take off or install the  wires  cover due  the small size, lower round shape and flat slipery surface, besides almost everyone uses tough cables for the access points and the  holes doesnt let you insert the cover all the way in.

The only solution is to add some duct tape on it after fighting to snap the cover in, and sometime the clip either doesnt clip or break.

Terrible design, I still dont understand how Cambium hasnt changed this part. Obiously the designer of this part of the radio cover hasnt climbed to the top of a tower yet.


Two sizes options for the cable hole

Rugged  or marked lines on the snap in cover

Better clip, perhaps on the sides


When we are using armored cable we end up drilling the entrance. For a 3/8" cable we drill 11/32". --

Very dangerous and messy. Drill can jump right into the ethernet port. I put an empty rj45 in to protect it from damage and shavings. A knock out for larger cable would be so much easier.

thanks for the input. We are working this into the development of our new products.