Radio Transmit Gain Setting

Hi, I have a SM 5700 non-Advantage gaving me problems with this parameter, normally the regular SM in the status page always shows the Radio Transmit Gain Setting parameter around 20-28, but this particular SM about half hour of being turn on, suddenly changes this parameter to 1 and loose link with the AP, even in one foot of distance between them. I reset both units and nothing happened, I have to wait the SM to cold down a few hours and then another half hour link is ready to go. I tried every software version I have: 3.2, 4.0.2, 4.1, 4.2.3, 6.1 and finally 7.0.7, no results.

There is any ideas? it is possible to configure the power level? There is anything to do or I have to set up a fan cooler?

Thank you in advance.


On U.S. models, there’s only a Low/Normal Power Control setting on the Configuration page. I’m not familiar with the Radio Transmit Gain Setting on the Status page.

Sounds like you may have a bad SM.

The fun part is this SM was working for over a year before became wear. I set and unset the low/normal power control option but with no luck. I guess so long I will to use this SM only for site surveys.