Radius AAA Centralized AP and SM User Password management

I was curious if anyone has yet to implement/test the Radius Centralized AP/SM user/pass management that came out with version 11.
My hope was that we could use Radius AAA strictly for User/Password management. However, it appears that in order to use remote login via radius, you must also have your SMs authenticate to the APs via Radius AAA as well. Is this a correct assumption?


Bump again! Anyone doing this?

hi all,

i just want to know , if configure radius server in AP and SM the password march the servser password.

i want to know the default radius password for SM /AP 



Hi , here's the details

username: SM mac address , example : 0a-00-3e-b3-07-bd

and the password is : password

You don't need to configure anything on the SM . As far as I know this is handled by the AP.   Just need to configure your Radius setting under the security settings to use Radius AAA and then set your Bandwidth configuration source to Authentication server. 

Also , the simplest to get Radius going is to use the Cambium WISP toolkit. It's very simple to install on Centos 6 and works almost out of the box. 


I can sent you an example of a radius user with all it's attributes for assigning the IP , subnet , gateway , QOS and Management Vlan ID.