Radius accounting and COA

We are fairly new to ePMP and it has been performing well for us so far. Now time to integrate Radius to automate customer auth status and speeds. I have basic EAP-TTLS auth working, but am surprised to find no support for accounting and CoA! So still we have to manually deregister the SM from the AP after we change speeds in our billing system and/or want to disable the SM?! Am I missing something here?

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A quick search did not not find a way to use SNMP set or SSH to deregister a single SM from the AP, but maybe I missed it. Any ideas?
I suppose I could reboot the SM to de-auth or change radius speeds as a last resort.

for COA/COD and POD to work you must use a version of radius that supports. Some like Freeradius need the SQL module loaded to do this, never figured out why since we use an SQL backend for freeradius anyway. Accounting is simply accounting start and stop informs, full radius AAA is not yet supported.
POD calls do not drop the RF interface but simply drop the EAP-TTLS auth and thus the radio does reauth and acquires its radius based config. COA must be followed by a COD call or any device is free to ignore it. A COA/COD call will drop the radio connection. There is SNMP OIDs with values to write to that will reboot the radio. If you have a script that ssh’s into a radio, then issue the reboot command. the radio will reboot.