Radius Accounting Implementation

Has anyone inquired to Camibum about whether they have plans to implement Radius accounting into the ePMP product line?   We would love to see it implemented as we use it for usage tracking as a guideline for traffic planning on other platforms.



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Is there any update about this question?

I would love to have this working, not just start-stop but intrim accounting updates as well. Currently we are using our PPPoE accounting to get this information, but as we upgrade our system we are moving towards an IPoE (wireless IPoE) system that needs proper accounting and the ability to send COA and POD messages from radius.

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Hi all,

We didn’t have plans to implement it.
But as far as it is in high demand we will look into.

Thank you.

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Since the AP already acts as a NAS it would be great if the AP would send radius accounting interim updates for the subscriber modules.
This has already been implemented in the ePMP-hotspot.
I would like to see the ability to set interim report intervals as well.

I would like to see this feature as well.

We also need to update our billing / accounting system, and are looking more towards Radius support.  :) 

This would be great!

Currently our accounting system is older, and it's not integrated with RADIUS or any automation.  It's kinda always been a ''not broke, don't fix'' situation.

However, it's too labor intensive to continue doing things manually, and I'd like to inquire about getting Radius accounting working with our ePMP gear...   I'm a noob in this area, so if anyone has the desire to hand hold a noob, please contact me.

PS.  I've been informed that 'hand hold a noob' apparently sounded inappropriate.  I didn't mean anything weird. I just meant that I'm desperate, and need someone to give me a hand with this job.

I think “guide-a-noob” would be more appropriate.

You need to tell us a bit about your network design. Routed or switched? If your currently a flat switched network, are you planning to move to a routed design?
What operating systems you are familiar with.
What network gear are you using? What do you plan to be used as your Network Access Server (NAS)?

Setting up radius is different depending on the OS and radius implementation. We use Debian and freeradius-3 with a MySQL(MariaDB) backend. For a SQL seed and database access we use Daloradius on a Apache webserver.
We also use our own self-signed ssl certificates for internal use.

We are using a routed network design with Cisco routers and switches at each site. The type of NAS used changes some configuration settings and whether Daloradius (if you use it) will be able to integrate with your NAS. You could also use a flat file but that just moves the manual configuration from the SM to a server file. This also means that radius would need to be restarted everytime you make a change to the config file to make it take effect.

I am willing to offer some help in getting you working with radius, but I will be limited by the difference in your setup to ours. I also suggest that you build your radius server on a virtual server system. This will allow you to build an OS, add the additional packages and use a snapshot to jump back if it gets all messed up.

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 Hey Cambium!

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do you have a timeline yet?

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Hey Cambium!

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Two years and still no roadmap for a feature that has been added to the epmp1000-hotspot but not the regular epmp1000/2000?????

Full and proper radius support is a requirement these days. The ability to control SM devices and make dynamic changes to our networks is not just important, it is a requirement. We can not move completely away from our antiquated network control methods if the firmware does not support the features we need. With the way networks are moving, having to tunnel connections just to get automatic control of user usage is inane. Q-in-Q does work, sort of, but the amount of trouble it causes is unacceptable.

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Still no mention of proper AAA system?

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We would also like accounting info.  Many other platforms do this.  Shouldn't be a hard feature to implement.

We are considering switching to Bliss Radius for WHMCS for our billing. We already use WHMCS for customer support, and for website/domain stuff - and it would be nice to use a single integrated billing/support system.

If anyone on here uses Bliss Radius with WHMCS for ePMP, please private message me - I'd be VERY appreciative to talk to you.  :) 

Adding our up vote this feature request.

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