Radius Accounting Issue


We have a number of XV2 and XV3 APs. One of our SSIDs is using Radius authentication (Windows NPS) to facilitate connectivity. We also have a Fortigate firewall which is fed accounting messages and creates user sessions including username, IP address and a ‘class’ which identifies user group for web filtering e.g. staff or student. We only use IPv4.

After upgrading to any version upward from 6.5.2-r12 I’m seeing user auth events including IPv6 router addresses, either alongside the IPv4 address or on their own. I’ve ran a packet capture and can see a difference in the radius accouting packets which now includes a framed IPv6 field. As we don’t use IPv6 I’m not sure where it’s obtaining this from and why it’s included.

I’ve downgraded to firmware 6.5.1-r11 which has stopped the IPv6 field being sent. We have a small number of external APs which still appear to be sending IPv6 so I need to try downgrading them further.

Has anybody else seen this issue or perhaps could offer some advice on how to resolve this please?

Many thanks


@Neil_Orr ,
Let me check this and update you.

@Neil_Orr @nirajlochan Any updates on this? almost a year past and im having the same issue, random IPv6 addresses on my FGT unit when none is used, this results on users failing to get their network privilegies