Radius Auth parameters

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I’ve been redoing some of my Radius templates and were wondering whether someone had an explanation on how these two parameters work ?

Cambium-Canopy-DLBL : Downlink Bit Limit/Downlink Burst Allocation
Cambium-Canopy-ULBL : Uplink Bit Limit/Uplink Burst Allocation

What’s the difference between DLBR and DLBL ? What’s happens when the limit is reached ?

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We also were confused by this initially and had call with a Cambium employee to clear this up.

DLBL and ULBL are the actual rate limits. DLBR/ULBR is the Burstable. Each is expressed in Kbps. This is the behavior if both are set of course. Otherwise you can get away with only DLBR being set if you are not picky about burst.

For example, this is what we set for a 3Mbps down by 1Mbps up package:

Wireless_3Mb_1Mb Cambium-Canopy-DLBL := 3000
Wireless_3Mb_1Mb Cambium-Canopy-DLBR := 3072
Wireless_3Mb_1Mb Cambium-Canopy-ULBL := 1000
Wireless_3Mb_1Mb Cambium-Canopy-ULBR := 1024

The DLBL/ULBL is the data rate (3Mbps) and the DLBR/ULBR is the burstable. So the customers gets 3MB down as his data rate, burstable to 3072 down. So when you run the initial speed test, should see the burst to 3072 and then it settle down to 3000.

You can also set the bucket fill rate and all that. The Cambium white paper has an overview of the theory:

Details are also in the PMP 450 Series Configuration Guide downloadable in the Support -> Downloads section (search for Burst Allocation to find the section in the guide).

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Thanks for the explanation , I might have had things wrong then

For example , I’ve been under the impression that
Cambium-Canopy-DLBM is your maximum burst and that
Cambium-Canopy-DLBR is your Sustained Downlink Data Rate

Fom: Using RADIUS Server with PMP 450

Cambium-Canopy-ULBR #Uplink Bit Rate/Sustained Uplink Rate
Cambium-Canopy-ULBL #Uplink Bit Limit/Uplink Burst Allocation
Cambium-Canopy-DLBR #Downlink Bit Rate/Sustained Downlink Rate
Cambium-Canopy-DLBL #Downlink Bit Limit/Downlink Burst Allocation
Cambium-Canopy-ULMB #Max Burst Uplink Rate
Cambium-Canopy-DLMB #Max Burst Downlink Rate

Edit: Once upon a time I was toying with doing radius, going off a different guide but the link I had followed years ago no longer works. I recall getting weird results in my testing. It might be worth getting someone from Cambium to confirm these codes are exact!