RADIUS differences between XV and E-series

Do we know if these attributes also apply for XV series of WiFi APs; if not do they different a little?

We have a scenario where XV APs are behaving differently compared to E series. Any guidance would be great.


above attributes are supported on xv / xe series aps. can you share more details about observations where xv / xes aps are behaving differently compared to cnPilot aps? also share xv / xe aps firmware version and cnMaestro version.

thank you,

Can you share with us your observation on XV / XE and cnPilot APs?

BalRana can you update on the observation?

The behaviour of XV and E series is NOT the same. The way data is parsed/processed by Radius is different and may result in attributes not being read/understood correctly.

FreeRadius3 appears to be better than version 2.