Radius ePMP 2.6.2 Question

I saw where with 2.6.2, there has been a correction with its VLAN implementation. Questions...

1. Does ePMP now support radius authentication for both bandwidth and VLAN?

2. I have the dictionary file... Is there anything else I need to pass other than Cambium-ePMP-VLIGVID and Cambium-ePMP-VLMGVID in order for VLANs to work? The reason I ask is that with the Canopy series of radios I pass Motorola-Canopy-VLSMMGPASS (enable vlan), Motorola-Canopy-VLMGVID (managment vlan), and Motorola-Canopy-VLIGVID (customer vlan).



I was given a reply by a Technical Support Engineer (Thursday) that they were verifing if I only needed those 2 items. The technician working the ticket unfortunatly only works Sunday through Thursday. Ticket 101284.

Hi Gilbert,

VLAN VSAs were introduced in release 2.6.  The following VSAs can be configured:

  • Cambium-Canopy-VLMGVID allows you to specify the Management VLAN for a device.
  • Cambium-ePMP-VLManagPVID allows you to specify the VLAN priority for your Management VLAN.
  • Cambium-Canopy-VLIGVID allows you to specify the Data VLAN for a Subscriber Module.
  • Cambium-ePMP-VLDataPVID allows you to specify the VLAN priority for your Data VLAN.
  • Cambium-ePMP-VLANMEMSET allows you to specify one or multiple Membership VLANs for a Subscriber Module.
  • Cambium-ePMP-VLMG2VID allows you to specify the Separate Management VLAN for a Subscriber Module.
  • Cambium-ePMP-VLMG2PVID allows you to specify the VLAN priority for your Separate Management VLAN.
  • Cambium-ePMP-VLMultiCastVID llows you to specify the Multicast VLAN for a Subscriber Module.
  • Cambium-ePMP-VLMAPPING allows you to specify one or multiple VLAN Mappings for a Subscriber Module.

You can get the dictionary file for these fields from https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/epmp/

Daniel Sullivan

ePMP Systems and Software Manager

I just received a response from helpdesk today. They told me that I only needed the 2 entries that I asked about, the management and data vlan entries. There is no entry in radius to enable the vlans, only to specify the entries and priorities.

Thank you,


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My original quesiton was regarding which dictionary items necessary to provision VLAN configuration through Radius.I am in the middle of my testing but have an irregularity. I think there maybe an issue with 2.6.2 on ePMP with the use of Radius and VLANs. If I log into the subscriber module and goto the section Monitor | Network, I only see the subscriber receiving the Data VLAN and not the MGMT VLAN. My test is on a customer that was provisioned for vlans prior through the web interface. I have attached the configuration section of the radio showing the VLANs manually programmed in. I have also attached what the radio was getting from radius.


ATTRIBUTE Cambium-ePMP-VLIGVID 21 integer # VLAN Ingress/Data VLAN ID (1-4094)
ATTRIBUTE Cambium-ePMP-VLMGVID 22 integer # VLAN Management VLAN ID (1-4094)

Radius is setup with a MySQL backend and I have verified that both radius attributes are assigned to the username the subscriber module is using to authenticate.

I am afraid to remove the manual vlan settings and have to goto the site to reconfigure the subscriber module.