RADIUS GUI User Authentication


We currently use RADIUS for user authentication on our Canopy gear.  We would like to do the same with ePMP by enabling the RADIUS option under GUI User Authentication.  It appears Cambium added two additional values for ePMP authentication in the dictionary file which appear to be additions to the Cambium-Canopy-UserLevel attribute:

VALUE Cambium-Canopy-UserLevel                    TECH           1
VALUE Cambium-Canopy-UserLevel                    INSTALL      2
VALUE Cambium-Canopy-UserLevel                    ADMIN       3
VALUE Cambium-ePMP-UserLevel                       USER           4      # New for ePMP
VALUE Cambium-ePMP-UserLevel                       READONLY 5      # New for ePMP

The problem is the attribute index appears to have been kept the same (50) based on the values incrementing up but the attribute name was changed from "Cambium-Canopy-UserLevel" to "Cambium-ePMP-UserLevel ".  There's also no attribute named "Cambium-ePMP-UserLevel", which also leads me to believe that values "USER" and "READONLY" are supposed to be a part of the "Cambium-Canopy-UserLevel" group.  Because the values reference two different attribute names, this appears to break RADIUS authentication.

Cambium, can you udpate your dictionary file with a new VSA specifically named "Cambium-ePMP-UserLevel" or update the values to only reference Cambium-Canopy-UserLevel  instead of Cambium-ePMP-UserLevel ?

Thank you for your time and assistance. 

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Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your feedback.

Radius Dictionary will be updated soon.

Thank you.


It's been a couple of months so I just wanted to check back in and see if there have been any developments on this.  Is there any sort of time frame on when to expect an updated radius dictionary?

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