Radius Proxy on cnMaestro on-premise

Radius Proxy on cnMaestro


cnMaestro can act as proxy server to authentication requests coming from cambium AP. In this scenario, cnMaestro will act as NAS for radius server. In below scenario, access point send radius packets to cnMaestro & cnMaestro forwards to radius server. It can act as proxy for either authentication or accounting messages

Note: this works for on-premises version of cnMaestro

Radius Proxy Configuration

Steps to configure Radius proxy on cnMaestro:

  1. Go to Configure>WLAN and AP GROUPS >WLANs> select WLAN profile >EDIT>RADIUS Server
  2. Enable Check box “Proxy RADIUS through cnMaestro:”
  3. Configure Authentication Server details
  4. Configure Accounting Server details
  5. Configuration in NAS-Identifier, it include NAS-Identifier attribute for use in Radius Request packets & Default to system name
  6. Push the configuration from cnMaestro To AP 

Note:    a). this feature is available from 1.4.1-b1 build on cnMeastro.

             b). support ap Software Version 3.3 beta version on cnPilot


Radius Frames

Below Wireshark packets capture shows cnMaestro’s IP as NAS IP & NAS-Identifier as per configuration in WLAN radius profile. In this capture, is IP address of cnMaestro. Radius server’s IP address is



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Hi! I have a doubt about this configuration, it only works with cnMaestro onpremisses? Can i configure this with cnMaestro Cloud?


This configuration support is limited to On-Prem.