Radius reauth disconnects in 22.1.1 possibly not working?

I’ve had reports from a client that they have pmp450 customer radios that might be staying online for long after they’ve disabled the radio in radius.

Possibly until the SM is rebooted in some cases I’m still trying to track down if this is an issue on the local auth backend but I recalled cambium had an issue way back in the past with this in 15.x that was fixed in 16.x where a patch somewhere broke the reauthentication mechanic for radius for a time, so just wondered if theirs a chance this issue snuck back in at some point as we’re running 22.1.1

CPY-15643 Was the old issue I’m seeing on the forum from back in the 15.x issue

Just wanted to rule this out as a possible issue

We have to reboot the SM to force it to pick up the new disabled radius settings. Same with re-enabling.

Then somethings wrong sounds like the bug came back at some point wonder if @CambiumMatt or someone can maybe check internally.

As it used to work, and worked again after the 16.x patch, but apparently broke again?