Radius Reauthentications

If a radius account is removed, and the radio was already online it will remain online for what seems like forever, either add reauthentication, or make the timer to reauthenticate adjustable so we can set to reauthenticate Radius every 24 hours so the AP can get new status on auth/noauth, and at the same time new QOS etc as well to update so the radio doesn't need to be rebooted.

I just realized that this feature is listed under "accounts" already, how are you considering if it already apparently exists, unless the feature under accounts is not for the CPE reauth like it appears to be...

You can try this out, CPE reauth work fine , set an interval and SM will re auth to radius server. We I’ll remove that from here.

Hi Chris, You get a chance to try this out? Does it work as per your expectation?