It has rained here for three days straight and I now have SM’s that are in and out…It has rained harder then this before but for only a short time. Now that it has rained for three days and everything is soaking wet I am having some people that are having coneection problems. Does rain really hurt us this much?

Just curious is all. When they are conected there conection and jitter are solid.

are they shooting throught foliage? we find that some of our 900mhz customers that are in the woods have problems after rain when the foliage is wet. i assume it makes the foliage denser.

yes they are…

Yes, as the foiliage gets saturated and the trees take up more water you can see 6dB or more loss until the trees dry out.

The solution is to elevate SM’s so they are looking through less foliage.

We are going through that right now with some 2.4 customers that are going through not much foilage, but because of three days of constant dumping with T.S. Fay, what is there is full of water.

Also check that you’re not getting water into connectors if you are using external antennas.