Random instances of unidentified network beyond SM 450 up-linked Cisco 2960 switch

I have a problem that might be due to some compatibility issue between cisco and Cambium. I have a LAN segment with one SM450 as up-link and a cisco 2960 model switch at the distribution layer. We have three users directly connected to the switch and there is one Motorola outdoor AP7161 which further connects 2 to 3 users. The issue is that the users (both wired and wireless) experience network disruption randomly at times. Stange because the issue is solved only afer rebooting the switch and that too only for an uncertin amount of time after which the same issue comes up. More strange because from the core network, the SM as well as the switch are continuously accessible and responses to ping without any drop. Only the end users suffer from network blackout (unidentified network in place of our domain name). We don't face the same issue with another model of switch such as 2960X or SF300 with which everything works smoothly. Firmwares are of latest version.

Kindly suggest a solution for this.