Range,Downlink/Uplink ratio and contention slots


Shall I set the same value of Range,Downlink/Uplink ratio and contention slots in all of our towers? or only in the APs that are getting sync from the same  sync source?. For example if I have two tower, in one We supply sync with Ugps and in the other one We supply with CMM. Shall I configure the same  values of Range,Downlink/Uplink ratio and contention slots in both towers? or Can I configure in the APs of Ugps with different values  than in the APs of CMM sync source?. 

Thank you.

If you set all these the same, (and they are the same model equipment, i.e. all PMP 450 or all PMP 450i) then the frame timing will be exactly the same and there is nothing further to consider.  Changing the duty cycle (ul/dl ratio) between towers may result in not being able to sync correctly, this parameter should remain the same among sites you want to synchronize.

You can, however, set the other parameters differently to optimize each sector individually, then run the frame calculator to ensure everything will be timed appropriately.

You can use this co-location tool to help make this calculation.