Range Reset on V22

I have noticed while Syncing 3Ghz Radios for CBRS from CNM that sometimes, not every time but sometimes the range on the AP resets to 4 miles regardless of what it was set to previous to the sync. Had this happen this morning where an AP was registered with CBRS, performed a Deregistration and chose a new channel and sync’ed from CNM. After the AP rebooted and came back online the range was set back down to 4 miles. Is this a known issue or something that is just happening on my end?

Are you using LTE coexistence settings?

No these are running on 2.5ms frame time.

Hmm… I don’t think I’ve experienced this or noticed anyone else reporting this. @Charlie is this something that you’ve heard of?

There appears to be a fix for this issue in the newest R22.1 beta.

CPY-18248 - When Running Spectrum Analyzer on 22.0, the AP max range may get adjusted
automatically to 4 miles


Oops sorry I missed this post. @Eric_Ozrelic you’re right. This issue is also fixed in 22.0.1 official.