Re: ePMP Release 4.3.2 is now available

@accelwireless wrote:

Having all kinds of issues with 4.3.2 on EPMP 3000 and N cpe! still getting invalid security key on N series radios? They will no longer associate to EPMP 3000 running 4.3.2 when 4.3.2 rc20 was working fine? I dont undertand this issue and its becoming a real pain dealing with customers that get stuck in this loop!

Whats funny is the WPA key is the same on EPMP 1000 and 2000 AP's and these N series with 4.3.2 connect just fine to those AP's but they are not the strongest signal so my customer suffers because the signal went from -50 to -89 or worse because on some CPE and will not connect to EPMP 3000 AP now!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone fix this! this is getting to be ridiculous now.. 2nd AP in list is the EPMP 3000

Hi accelwireless,

As discussed - There is a bug - In Backward Compatibility Mode, legacy SM (Force200, Force180, any 802.11.n SM) will not associate with ePMP 3000 AP (with cause INVALID SECURITY KEY) if SM > Configuration > QOS > Traffic Priority > Subscriber Module Priority is "High" or "Low".

Workaround is : Please change it to "Normal" and then only SM will be able to connect.

For other customers, who are planning on replacing ePMP 2000 with ePMP 3000 (using Backward Compatibility), please make a note of above bug (found out today) and before attempting to make SMs connect to ePMP3000, configure SMs settings as mentioned above. Having said that, we are working on fixing this issue ASAP. Thank you.

SIde Note: 

Just disabling “Traffic Priority” does not help. “Subscriber Module Priority” should be set to “Normal”. Then keeping “Traffic Priority” enabled or disabled is ok.

In other words, if “SM Priority” is on High or Low and Traffic Priority is disabled (after which you will not see SM Priority option), even in this scenario, issue (of not being able to connect to AP) exists.