Re-establish a radio to CNMaestro

Yesterday my techs installed an AP at a site. For whatever reason it wouldnt approve correctly like other APs. I deleted from the onboard screen. That may have been a mistake as I am not able to get it to show back up. What would a guy do to force it to re-establish to Maestro? Oddly enough though the 3 users we installed are established. I have never been able to establsih a user without an AP first. I thought about dumping the users in hopes of the AP coming back, then re-adding all devices in that relationship, but fear that they may not come back at all! TIA Heith

@Heith can you clarify if this is a PMP or ePMP AP?  

Assuming you have deleted the device from cnMaestro, try either of the following.

1) Reboot the AP, or

2)  On the device UI, try to DISABLE+Save and then ENABLE+Save the "Remote Management" feature.  This is located on the same page where you configure the cnMaestro URL, Cambium ID, etc.  The can force the device agent to restart.  

Then, onboard the device (i.e. claim by MSN or enter Cambium ID/Onboarding Key).

It is an EPMP AP PtMP 1000.

I did disable that option, then rebooted. Then re-enabled then booted again with no luck

@Heith, can you confirm the basic connectivity tests to validate the network connectivity from the devices to cnMaestro?

See the following Knowledge Base post.

Scroll down for the ePMP details.