Re: no cnMaestro on ePMP1000

We upgrade (2) ePMP 1000 and (1) Force 180 to firmware v3.3 Non GPS and we lost all of that devices in CN Maestro.

Three devices send the message:

cnMaestro Remote Management: Enabled

cnMaestro Connection Status: Resolving URL

cnMaestro Account ID:  --

on cnMaestroConfiguration area the values its correct:

Remote Management: Enabled
cnMaestro URL:
Our credentials its correct, because we use the same of SM´s.
Somebody can help us?


Did ePMP receive DNS addresses from DHCP server or static DNS Server's IP addresses are used?

Looks like ePMP cannot resolve cnMaestro URL.
You can enter IP address instead of URL to verify my assumption.

Thank you.