Re: Problems on PTP810 device

Dear David.

I have just turned down the transmit power, but it was still not OK.

Your site didn't permit me attached csv file, therefore I was unble to send fulled alarm for you.

I think we only focus on the active alarm.

Could I upgrade software to release 1.40 for my device in this scenario?

Thank you so much!

Did you remove and reapply power from each MMU?

(This is not the same as a reboot. Remove power from the MMU at each end of the link. Wait a few seconds, then apply power to each MMU.)

I strongly suggest that you send your path study to customer support and review with them the proper transmit power and expected receive signals for the throughput and availability that you're trying to achieve.

I hope this helps!


Dear David,

I unpluged and pluged power so much times, but the problem is solved.

I have just hard-reset MODEM module on the .14 site. Now it is OK, the alarms are cleared.

Please see attached screenshots.

Now, I want to upgrade my system to release 1.40 but I am afraid of rasing errors during upgrading.

Could you please guide me a way to downgrade software if the problem are?

Thank you so much.

One end is still operating with a -20 dBm RSL.

From the PTP 810 user guide:

Please obtain the software from our support page and see PTP 810 Series User guide pages 7-63 to 7-72 for a full set of instructions on upgrading system software.

I hope this helps!


Dear David,

I understand procedures for upgrading, however, in scenario, upgrading to release 1.40 is failed, Could I get back old release ?

Thank you so much!

Indeed, you can "downgrade".

Toggle the load you wish to switch, reboot, and the PTP 810 will come up on the toggled load.

It can be rather involved, depending upon your configuration, which is why I suggest you contact support. They can help you determine exactly which new files you need, the order in which to install them, and what to toggle if things go awry.

All the best to you!


Thank you so much for your advices

You are welcome. All the best to you!