Re: PTP 450i Adaptive CIR

Tentatively, we have this feature in Release 15.2, which is targeted in Q2 next year.  As with all roadmap items, this is subject to change.

It doesn't exactly mean what you describe above.

For the 450 platform, we have the option to set a CIR per SM that the sector will prioritize (i.e. a Committed Information Rate). Adaptive CIR will reduce the CIR level if the RF conditions of the link degrade, such that it won't starve the other SMs in the sector.

For example, I set a 5 Mbps CIR on SM#1, and he typically operates at 64QAM modulation.

If his modulation suddenly degrades to 16QAM, it would take more resources (i.e. a larger portion of the frame) to continue to deliver those 5 Mbps to that radio.  In this case, Adaptive CIR will reduce the rate from 5 Mbps to 2.5 Mbps in order to only use the same portion of the frame for transmission to this SM, eliminating overall sector performance degredation.

Adaptive CIR should prevent putting a sector into an "oversubscribed" state, making the total shared capacity of the sector more predictable .

Oh ok, that's clear and I think it's an usefull feature, so it's not meant for PTP but for PMP.

Will you give us an adaptive frame ratio like ePTP has?

Sometimes you don't need a fixed ratio...