Re: PTP450i and C000065L002C power?

The part number of AC+DC Enhanced Power Injector which is required for powering up PTP 450i is C000065L002A.Please confirm the part number of power supply which you are using.

Please find the attachment for other cambium Part numbers for power supply used for Powering up PTP 450i.

Link is ok,you mean to say that Link is up,Power suply is also able to power on the PTP 450i and LAN traffic is also going properly.The only issue is ethernet LED of the power supply is not blinking.Please correct me if wrong and elaborate the issue properly so that I can assist you further accordingly.

Yes it is AC-DC inector.

Link is UP, Power LED ( green ) is ok , but LAN LED ( yellow ) is not blinking . On switch LAN port is up and blinking but on power AC-DC inector LAN LED ( yellow ) is not blinking yelow !