Reaching 10.000 devices on cnMaestro On-Premises

We have almost reached the 10.000 devices onboarded and we need to upgrade this feature.

How can we have this Pro feature? Maybe as upgrade of the 2.3.0 version?


Hi Telemar -- we actually turned off the count limitation in 2.3.0 On-Premises, so you should be able to go beyond 10,000 with the latest release. Just make sure your resource utilization is sufficient to handle the additional devices. Wi-Fi tends to use a lot more resources than Fixed Wireless (due to the client statistics), but you should be able to scale Fixed Wireless up to 20,000 devices (but you should not go above 25,000, even if the utilization looks good).

Also recognize high device counts will be a future part of Pro, and will eventually require a Pro subscription.


So upgrading to 2.3.0 turn off the 10.000 limit?

Perfect! Thank you

I'll try and i let you know!