Reading the Release Notes & 80 MHz MC-ABC


Do 80 MHz scripts support MC-ABC?

“I don't remember, I don't recall
I got no memory of anything
Anything at all”

Let me check LINKPlanner.

11 GHz, PTP 820C (Wide), FCC, 2+0…


There’s no MC-ABC under “Ethernet Configuration”!

Nope. It's not supported.


I know I've seen this before.

It's got to work.

11 GHz, PTP 820C (Narrow), FCC, 2+0…, Single Ethernet (MC-ABC), 80 MHz channel.

There it is!


The 80 MHz channel option under Narrow is not an 80 MHz channel; it’s a 60 MHz channel.

Let me read the release notes.

“80 MHz scripts do not operate in Multi-Carrier ABC mode.”

I should have checked the release notes first!


Now that I've got your attention, can anyone provide more details about specific links where 80 MHz MC-ABC support is needed?

Why won't 60 MHz MC-ABC support meet the need?

Perhaps we can sway product management with this information!


Is the point you are making that if you want to use MC-ABC on a single Ethernet, then 60 MHz should be plenty because you are limited to 1 Gbps by the single Ethernet interface?  Or put another way, if you really need two 80 MHz channels, then you should be using external LAG?

I guess the argument would be, what if you have a long link that meets the FCC availability requirement at 32QAM, but won't spend much time at 1024QAM and maybe you intend to limit max modulation to 256QAM.  Basically you want to use dual modems rather than high modulation to meet a 1 Gbps throughput objective.

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Yes, if you need two 80 MHz channels for maximum throughput, use LAG, and not MC-ABC.

I agree with your argument. You could use two 60 MHz channels with MC-ABC, but if you needed to maximize your throughput on this long link, you might have to select a higher modulation mode, which might reduce the link's availability.

Excellent points!