I have a few Ready Net routers that are sitting on a shelf as I am not going to be using their service.  Since they have the same hardware ad the r200/201 I sacrifised one and uploaded the Cambium firmware in it.  It works....  Great....  But....  They will not provision to CnMastreo bad serial number.  Is there anyway around this?  I would love to use those routers for clients with the Cambium firmware.  Any Suggestions?

cnPIlot on cnMaestro is only supported with authorized Cambium hardware

Might be another good direction for the "Elevate" program?

SInce the hardware is the same, allowing for non standard serial numbers should be fairly easy, or allowing for mac addresses to be used.

We're in the same boat. Please consider this for the next release. If anything, more devices will count towards the overall device limits per account.

Would love this option as we want to move from Readynet to CnMastreo for customers soon.