Real time throughput display

One of the nifty things about the 320 was the display of data use in real time.  Customers often have Steam or a torrent or something else running in the background without realizing it.  Being able to see their  usage in Mbps up and down at the SM in real time makes it a lot easier to identify that as the problem and then help them isolate which device is responsible.  Have them turn devices off one at a time until you see the usage drop, and you can go forward from there.

I would love to have this feature on the PMP450s and PMP100s.

This is available via SNMP, granted its not in the gui, but its available if you really need to see it sometime.

Hi.  The SNMP Data doesn't show up in the GUI, and graphing it isn't in real-time - it's every 5 minutes usually.  I know we could specifically poll the SM and/or run something like NetWorx and change it's settings for each caller who calls in with a problem - but there's nothing like being able to see it all at a glance, and useing NetWorx doesn't show all stations/clients at a glance.

This is really a KEY feature to diagnosing (customer percieved) problems today.  We have a few hundred PMP100 (Canopy 900Mhz) and this is our #1 pet-peeve. People call in reporting speed problems and with our other non-cambium equipment, we get a ''once-per-second'' update of the throughput, and we can instantly see what everyone on the AP is doing, and if they are streaming up or down or whatever.

Yes, we also have graphing going and we can look at the history of their connection, but nothing beats a real-time throughput number. Most clients have no idea that their Torrent or Cloud storage is doing that, and most have no idea which computer or device(s) is responsible.  It's VERY handy to be able to watch their throughput in real time, and have them turn off devices and then instantly be able to tell them when their transfers drop to zero.

This feature is so essential, I have to say that it's probably the #1 reason we never deployed more Cambium/Canopy products.  I know that there are ways to accomplish it via SNMP, but it's just not the same as looking at the Association and seeing all the transfer rates for the whole sector like we can with our older StarOS gear.  So, KUDO + 1.  :)

Before putting Cambium, we had the antenna Alvarion. Of these, the two best features  that Cambium should import are:

After these additions, (almost) everything will be secondary!

Guido - ISP Technician

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I've developed a litte Chrome Extension (View extension) that displays real time traffic in the Statistics => Ethernet and Statistics => Radio pages.
P.s You need to enable Webpage autoupdate


Other functions:

AP Evaluation

ARP Page (MAC Address Lookup)


NAT Table Logs (IP Address Lookup)

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That's fantastic, Cyb3r.  I look forward to trying it out.

Really really nice work Cyb3r!!! My techs all are using this now and love it! ALSO, they absolutly love the ability to toggle between displaying throughput as a graph or string... THANK YOU!!

Yeah, AMAZING work, @Cyb3r ! and thank-you, very very much for sharing!!!