Reboot after software upgrade?

I'm playing around with the cloud based version for the first time.  I got a couple of AP's onboarded and ran a software update on one to go from 3.5 to 3.5.1.  Update was successful, but when logging into the AP its still asking for a reboot.  I don't see an option anywhere in Maestro to initiate a reboot unless I'm blind which is very possible.  Also, can both banks be upgraded before a reboot or should a reboot be initiated after each update?

Strange, I ran the other 3 sectors and all 3 rebooted after the upgrade just fine.  Then I updated all 4 for the 2nd bank and all of them rebooted, but 3 of them were still showing an orange reboot button even tho the update had reset to zero.  What am I doing wrong?


Can you please share device logs with me over private message?


You arent doing anything wrong here.. this could be a bug on few radios as they may not be able to reboot.

But only the logs will help us.

Is it possible to point the logs to syslog server and enable all the loglevel in device UI and when try to initiate the command again on those device, if they dont reboot then the logs will help us find the root cause.

You can enable all the log level from device configuration->system page.


I figured out what causes this by accident.  If I'm still logged into the web interface of the ePMP 2000 while updating via cnmaestro it occurs.  If I log out first, it acts as it should.

Glad you found it, we will try to reproduce with the steps you mentioned.

Can you please confirm at which point you click on logout when we initiate the software update using cnMaestro?

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We were able to reporduce the issue locally and the issue is not related to cnMaestro and is just device GUI refresh issue. After refreshing the GUI the reboot icon indication is gone. That too this happens only if the user has already logged into device GUI as you indicated in your post. After reboot the device throws a popup indicating that the session has expired and on clicking ok it will ask for the login credentials. Giving the credentials and logging in is showing the reboot icon enabled sometimes and sometimes it is not enabled. When it is enabled refreshing the GUI is solving the issue and no need to reboot the device.

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That makes sense, normally I wont be logged into a module while updating it, but the first few I was watching closely.  No biggie.  Thanks for looking into it!