Reboot InfoGamer 2017, Croatia

For the second year in a row Cambium cnPilot WiFi Access Points served on one of the largest European gaming exhibition shows, Reboot InfoGamer, connecting gaming halls, guests, tablets, personal computers, gaming consoles, TV's etc for 6 days of event.

Reboot InfoGamer 2017 – sixth annual edition of the festival so far, focused on biggest gaming blockbusters, hardware gaming trends, groundbreaking eSports tournaments, traditional huge daily giveaways, record number of games merchandise and game hardware stores plus cooperation with biggest worldwide publishers but also a huge hall again dedicated to 100+ of worlwide indie game developers.


  • 6 halls. Each hall is huge space but have concrete walls in between with wide doors open. Each hall is around 3000 square meeters (40 x 100 meters).
  • Total number of AP's was 40
  • All AccessPoints were dual band concurently, latest 802.11ac wave2, 2x2 primarily and 4x4 in some areas
  • Thousands of users on the network on a daily basis
  • 30 - 200 clients per Access Point distributed across 2 radios
  • Majority of the clients were using 5 GHz access radios
  • 20 MHz channels

Some screenshots 



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