Rebooting when accessing web interface (fixed)


After installing some new PMP450s we had an issue where they would spontaneously reboot when you would try to access their web interface. We managed to narrow it down to the "Webpage auto update" setting. Whenever it would reach the time specified in that field, the PMP (either AP or SM) would reboot.

We fixed this by changing the value to 0, so they never auto update, and we dont have this problem anymore.

This was using 13.2.1, so a pretty old firmware, but I searched this issue and couldn't find any results anywhere on the internet about it, so I thought it might help out someone in the same situation one day.

Anyone else experienced this before? Feel free to delete this thread if there is an old one that I couldn't find.

Also saw some unresolved reboot issues threads around the place that could perhaps be attributed to this issue, but had not been aware of this fault. Good to share possible causes...


Hi Tim, 

This is new and something we haven't heard of before. That said, I recommend you upgrade all your PMP 450 radios to a minimum of 14.1.2. There has been a ton of work put into that release with months and months of customer betas. It is by far the most stable release, yet. Please let us know if you continue to see this issue on 14.1.2. 



I noticed 14.2 is out. Recommend going with the tried and tested 14.1.2 or the new 14.2?