Rechargable POE

Developing a lithium battery pack/POE would be a huge product for our installation technicians to have.  Keeping it about the size of a small drill battery, with a small carabiner on it to hook to climbing gear.  Couple that with a wifi AP powered through the Aux port on ePMP and a smart phone you could site in a client without ever running a cable or calling the office.  This application could also be of use for infrastructure crews needing to field test failed equipment by bypassing power injector units with a POE.


At Wispa we had a small $9 AP connected to the aux port powered by a USB battery pack. We also showed the beginnings of a scanning app on an ipad. I am glad to hear that you are thinking in the same line. Are you also suggesting in this case a battery pack big enough to power the ePMP STA itself?



Yes, I saw your setup and thought it was a great concept.  That's where the mention of the AP powered off the Aux Port came from.  However, for the longest time I've had the idea that someone develop a POE battery pack that can be portable up a tower to power and aim the STA.  So to answer your question, yes, it would power the STA.  I've even taken my idea to the detail of a switchable battery pack for different voltage, and even a Linux based micro-computer for a handheld readout.  Time and resources sometimes limit what a WISP can do with these ideas.  To further that thought even more... you could sell the POE battery pack to the customer, build it in such a way there is a POE port for the STA, and a POE port for their customer router, therefor if the power goes out, they can run their STA and router all on the battery and use their laptops, tablets, and phones until the power comes back on.

Do you mean a setup like this ? 

We have been using this for last couple of years. (with Ubiquiti Networks Radios).. need to modify for EPMP...


LIthimion battery back from Ebay...

2.4Ghz AP with POE Passthru ... such as made by ArcWireless or Ubiquiti (wifi addon to their power supply)

Appropriate cabling...

This is really easy and cheap to do your self Cambium dose not need to waste there time on it but I will say they need to update the UI to work with Smartphones it only works in landscape mode can't even use it holding phone in 1 hand thay really needs fixed

I agree, the web interface needs to be fixed to work with  Smartphones.


Hey guys, I like your setup there and yes the concept is the same.  I'm aware of the capability for me to develop my own system fairly easily, that's not what I'm proposing though.  I'm proposing they develop a SELLABLE unit.  Something that when we have storms roll through and knock power out, those people that don't understand just because their laptop works doesn't mean their wifi will with the power out, can have wifi AND internet, running on this new battery POE that can run both their STA and Router.  ©

check this out:

PS with integrated dc bacup, just add poe injector

we use 2.5 AH 12v batteries and cut the cord off of some of the old pmp100 supplies, works perfect.

recharge the batteries off of the trucks DC output.

I just bought a pair of these a week ago, haven't received them yet (from Italy). There is a link to this site from - It'd be really nice if they could make another version of this with higher voltage.

I've been using these with an airgateway ( I think one of the guys has used a cambium POE with it as well, but they're pretty expensive.

I just ordered the battery from Italy. It looks like a nice fit. I am hoping to capture a video on the installation and use of our new app. However, in the meantime if anyone wants to try out the app, it is availabel on the app store under ealign for ePMP. We are only supporting ipad and iphone for now. Please feel free to give us some feedback.

That battery pack looks great!  I wonder if this is something that could be repurposed for not just testing, but permanant use in the home.  Ideally, the router and radio stay online, so internet stays up, even in a power outage.  Let me know how they work out Sakid, or anyone who orders one.  I'm also interested in ease of order, etc.

Hello!  We have been asking Motorola and Cambium for years now for something similiar.  Install techs need a hardened waterproof installation tool that will have in it the following:  

  1. Rechargable Batterypacks to run SM or AP through POE.
  2. Simple all weather touch screen to program radios with.
  3. Alignment tool. Built in speaker.  This unit plugs into RJ11 port and you can hear an audible tone.
  4. The unit could be the size and shape of something like the UPS drivers have in there trucks.

This is a very much needed tool to help install techs, especailly in cold weather climates.

i just use a ryobi battery, old POE cable and battery tester. Works on cambium and if you make  a cable with power wires reversed on one end (wht/blue blue/wht swapped with brown it powers up tranzeo and ubiquiti.

These work pretty good.  They are small & light, have a 24v battery, and they have a WIFI Access Point built in, and they 'bridge' their AP and Ethernet.

So, bascially, just plug in and turn on and they power up the SM. Your Laptop / Tablet / Phone connects to the GevaElettronic Access Point, and your Laptop / Tablet / Phone will essentially be directly connected to the Cambium SM's Ethernet.

You can grab a old power supply from a Canopy SM.   Cut off the wall transformer and wire the whole thing to a 20 VDC Dewalt Drill Battery.   Then take your Android phone and a USB to Ethernet adapter and you have everything you need.

This idea has got a lot of conversation, and I actually have the battery setup in use on a drone now, however, I'd still like to see this in a home application at some point, how nice would it be if your wifi continued to run even when the power was out!?

We have had battery boxes for almost 4 years now and wifi capible for just over 1yr now. we build them in Pelicon cases with mini Microtik routers. they work GREAT. have used it to power SM on customer installs, 450 APs, UBNT airfiber, 430 APs. for onsite work, using the proper pin config on the cat5.


Small, compact, hours of autonomy.