Recommend cambium device for 60 km

can we use epmp 1000 with bigger dish for 60 km. if yes then also mention dish size

Cambiums link planner can get you the details you are after. Yes you can link that far, what size dish is needed isnt a flat answer. You may get away with 1 meter dishes, you may need larger.

The link planner will let you see your expected performance and allow you to play with different dish sizes to suite your needs.



We have a 32Km link with epmp1000; 3ft radiowaves one side, 2ft radiowaves other side. -53dbm 90mbps agregate on 20mhz channel.

But 60Km...I would go with ptp450i and 3ft antennas at least. depends how much interference there is on the sites.

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Im hoping that this is a ptp link and not a pmp setup.
Country specific regulations apply, my advice is based on Canadian regulations.
We are allowed to use as much gain as we want as long as the tx conducted power is below 30dBm (1w).
Since you have not given us some needed info such as lat/long and tower heights for both ends, we can not even hope to give you an answer that is useful. 60km over a long, deep valley going mountian top to mountian top may just need a force110/200 dish. However out on the prairie, you will need to consider tower heights, towns, other rf sources ( no mountians to block/channel the rf signals) and of course the amount of gain needed to get the the SNR you need. You might need such a large dish tgat the tower can not support it. Too many questions without answers.
Simply to the ability questions:
The epmp hardware will do what the more fancy ptp400/600/800 hardware does, just does it using an 802.11n chipset instead of a proprietary one.
The 1w limit (less in some places) is a limiting factor when your looking at needed antenna gain. But add a 30dB antenna to a 1w tx and you have an eirp of 1000watts! 33dB antenna is 2000w eirp! If you need to overcome 145dB of one way link losses ( number out of my butt) then you simply work in dB only. 30dB tx plus 30dB tx antenna plus 30dB rx antenna. So 90db, not going to make a good connection, get higher gain antenna. All of this is done with linkplanner, albeit that not every antenna out there has been modeled nor has spacial diversified antenna setups, but it will give you some true and useable numbers to know if the link should be done in one or more hops.

Also the license free bands have restrictions that do not always apply to licensed bands including the “play nice with each other or else” rules. This means the guy broadcasting his wifi ap through a power booster (not legal in Canada but I still find them) has just as much right to the airwaves as you do. (Pmp systems in Canada are both power and gain limited, the poster does not in any way suggest or condone any actions that are illegal in any counrty)