Recommended frequency reuse pattern

Hello, I've read the link and PDF document in the support website a few times trying to figure out the best way to run channels on our towers and nearby towers.

The article suggests in one paragraph that Figure 4 is best but then a few paragraphs later, makes it sound like Figure 5 is the best options for frequency reuse. 

Can you please clarify which options is the best and see if there is some confusing wording in the article attached?

"This is the reason why the deployment shown in Figure 4 is the recommended one with four-sector towers." The way I read this line after reading the paragraph above it, it should say Figure 5?

Thank you

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Hello Darin,

You are correct. It is a typo and it should be Figure 5. Thanks for the observation.


This typo is fixed now. Thank you for pointing it out.

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